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Grass Fed Beef Chili

Always a favorite!! I look forward to every week for a tasty lunch during a busy work day.

Very tasty (but reduce sodium)

Very delicious meal - I order at least one or two portions every week. It has beyondmeat in it, which is high in sodium, so I think other ingredients (corn, beans, peppers, rice, etc) can be prepared with little to no sodium. The taste itself is a bit too salty, so this would help with that too.

Bistro Steak*
Tender & Delicious!

Honestly I've been surprised at how consistently good the Beef Bistro steaks are. Three orders now and each one is perfect! Thanks much.

Roast Beef Wrap*
Dianne Thorington
Delicious Wrap

This wrap is delicious. It is full of roast beef and the dipping sauce is tasty.

Vegan Mushroom

I’d order it agaim

Peppercorn Steak
Everett Gilliam
Flavorful Peppercorn Steak

Excellent food! The Peppercorn Steak is delicious and flavorful to a particularly high standard. Definitely one of my favorites. Highly recommended.

Pollo Asado
Douglas Richards
Pollo Asado

The Pollo Asado is excellent. There is a large portion and the aspagus is a wonderful touch!

Meal STAPLE!!!

If you love olives and also love fish then this meal will fulfill all you dreams. It’s by far one of my favorites! The flavors are complimentary and super well seasoned! Portion size is great!
I like to pop in microwave with a mug of water for 2:30 to keep the food from getting chewy. HUGE FAN!!!

Thai Basil Shrimp Curry
Melissa Reeves
Shrimp curry

This is my new regular go to meal during the week. All I can say is, yum!

Chicken Parm
Mary Beth Romani
Delicious and Incredibly Filling

This quickly has become a family favorite. So tasty - cannot believe it is gluten-free! We have not been able to eat Chicken Parmesan since our family gave up gluten 5 years ago so this is an amazing treat for us!

My Current Favorite

Version 1.0 was pretty good, but the 2.0 is on another level. The steak is cooked perfectly and the lemon peppercorn sauce is amazing, they go perfectly together. The brussel sprouts are well cooked, good texture and are great for mopping up leftover sauce. You won't be disappointed.

Christopher Carr

The meat is flavorful and really enhances the whole meal. Filling in a way that sustains without being heavy. Definitely a great choice!

Tuscan Chicken
Jonathan Cherry
Amazing dish

Tons of flavor. Thank you for this meal

Chicken Parm
Kimberly Malooly
Tasty and Filling

Delicious and I felt satiated, but not over full. Please keep this one on the menu.

My fave!!

I love this meal. It’s very satisfying even though there’s no filling pasta! Flavors are really good too.

So good

This is one of my favs!!!


Possibly my favorite ever.

Lemon Pepper Steak 2.0
Virginia Moore
Much improved!

This is now tender and juicy. Love the brussels sprouts!

Surprisingly yummy!

I ordered these mostly bc I hate cooking chicken, and figured I would just use them for a base in salads, tacos, etc. But it turns out they are pretty good on their own too! I even went back and ordered more, I like them so much.

One of my absolute favorites -

Totally delicious from first bite to last. I love to mix the olive tapenade in with the orzo for a perfect flavor blend. Salmon is always fresh, moist, tender. Why would I ever cook salmon again when I can have this?? Answer - I won't. I can't beat it and I won't try!

Chicken Parm
William Dunn

The chicken parmesan was very delicious and moist. I ate the entire meal for lunch. My wife made 2 meals out of it.


I love this dish. The spices are spot on with a little kick. Will definitely order again.


One of the better meals I have had. Very authentic taste and healthy. Tender chicken and veggies and rice are good.

Peppercorn Steak
Sherry Holden
Peppercorn Steak

Excellent! Will order again.

Shredded Buffalo Chicken

I love this shredded chicken it’s so delicious!! I keep ordering over and over.
A great high protein option.