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Exceptional flavors, highly recommended!


Sooo good! I’m not vegan but do try to supplement more plant based meals into my diet and this was *chef’s kiss*

Loved the Sweet Potatoes!

These sweet potatoes were very good! We froze ours and then thawed in refrigerator and heated up. Delicious!

Clean and fresh

This meal is so clean and fresh tasting. It is a staple in my orders

Soooo GOOD!!!

One of my favorite meals!!!! It’s sooooo good!!!

These are amazing!

These are excellent! I wish they had a larger size; I'd buy both.

Awesome meal- great protein!

This meatloaf has quickly become one of my favorites. It’s higher protein but super light and seasoned really well. Highly recommend!

Shredded Buffalo Chicken

This was one of my favorite meals that I ordered! The mango relish tasted amazing with the chicken and I would definitely order this again. I was also very happy with the amount of protein it contained!

Great Dish but

I've been loving this dish! Especially after my workouts but recently I have only been getting 3 pieces of meat when you used to serve 4 as pictured.

Great Brunch Option

Meat is super flavorful and made for a great breakfast or brunch option.


Steak is a generous portion, wonderfully seasoned. Beans, rice, and veggies were great. Corn/mango side wasn't really my relish isn't my favorite but this is now on my repeat list.

Old Bay Wings

The wings were large and meaty.
However, they had a bit too much Old Bay seasoning. Made them a bit overpowering to eat all at once.
The ranch dressing side tasted mostly like sour cream. No ranch flavor, and was not creamy, but thick (like sour cream).


This is my favorite Mighty Meal so far! The pesto is so delicious and the tomatoes really pop! I would have taken a photo, but I couldn't stop myself.

Outstanding flavors

Your chef knows his way round a good taco! Tasty, filling, outstanding!

It was really good

One of my favorites, it's simple and delicious


The steak was a bit fatty but the flavor was good.


Great for breakfast. Having one can take the place of bread and egg. If you want juice, fruit, tomatoes, avocado toast, cheese, sausage or bacon or yogurt. Having any combination makes a good breakfast.


I ordered the shrimp just to have an extra protein on hand I was pleasantly surprised on how incredibly tasty it was! The lemon seasoning was fresh and delicious !

So good

I was confused by the cooking instructions on the box, but this was my first delivery. I realized that each meal has the same instructions, so you need to get what needs to be heated and what doesn't. I only heated one half of the wrap, which was wrong, but the other half was really good (not heated). I get it now!!!

Steak and Grains

Steak had a nice taste to it, but was a little tough; it had one tender piece to it. Veggies were great! Rice was very good. Just the right amount of food.

Beyond Fantastic

This entree was outstanding. It was also enormous. I could eat this everyday. I’ll definitely keep it in rotation.

Perfectly Spicy

I love these wings. They are delicious! If I had known they would be this good I would have added more than one to my order. Oh well, there is always next time...

One of my favorites. Good portion size.