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Mediterranean POWER Bowl
Alicain Carlson
Flavorful and filling

Loved this meal and will definitely be getting it again! So much flavor and nutrition packed into this dish. This is an excellent vegetarian meal without tofu for the protein so it was a nice difference. I’m a vegetarian so it was nice to have some variation.

buffalo chicken bites - bulk

i really enjoyed these - added them to a large crispy salad, and even used them in soft tacos one day. The flavor was great - just as you' expect but also didn't miss it being a breaded tender or some less healthy version of "buffalo chicken". Will get again. I also liked the pulled meat version of this - I don't really tire of buffalo chicken!


Everyone in our house loves this one - my son and husband especially enjoy this chili. It's full of flavor and absolutely delicious!

Coconut Chicken Curry
Benjamin Smith
Great dish

Not overly sweet and a great creamy curry that's protein rich. Solid meal. 11/10!

Hoisin Glazed Salmon
Victor Marshall

My favorite very delicious

Chicken Fajita Bowl
Candyce Astroth
The best option

This is my favorite meal mighty meals makes. So so yummy!

Sweet Chili nChicken Soba

Great tasting meal for lunch or dinner. I've been ordering it for years and the new breasts are even more tender and juicier than before.

Salmon Nicoise Salad
John McCartney
Always fresh!

This sale is outstanding! I order a couple of these salads every week when I place my order, it is always delicious!

One of my favorites!

Love this dish. Hard to go wrong when the meatballs are so delicious.

Absolutely Delish!

Salmon was cooked perfectly and all ingredients super fresh. Love this salad and will definitely be ordering this again!

Tandoori Chicken
Ahmed Aljaberi
Very great meal

Hands down best meal ever tried and I am crazy about it!!
However, last time I ordered this meal it was missing "(SIDE SAUCE- GREEK YOGURT, CUCUMBER, ONION, CUMIN SEEDS, EVOO, SALT)"

Beef Bulgogi*
Olivia Anderson
A lunchtime favorite!

The beef bulgogi is the perfect meal for lunch. The beef is flavored well and even though it’s only 420 calories, it’s very filling. I froze this meal and defrosted it and it still tasted great!

Ropa Vieja
Lindsay Vanlandingham

So good, one of my long time faves. Full of flavor and the perfect level of filling without making you feel stuffed. Great lunch meal option year round!

Turkey Taco Bowl
Sarena Norman

Very good I will get it again

Crowd pleaser

This was one of the few meals I was slightly skeptical of at first but, I was pleasantly surprised! The flavoring was amazing without being over powering and the squash was the perfect consistency. My toddler even loved the meal which makes it a success in my opinion!

Hoisin Glazed Salmon
stephen fowler

Fish was cooked perfect. Another winner from mighty meals. Will order again

Mediterranean POWER Bowl
Caroline Mercurio
Always part of my weekly order

I try to eat a lot of plant based meals, though I’m not vegetarian, and this is one of my favorites. It still has a good amount of protein and is reasonable on calories—two things that can be hard to find together in veg meals. It’s also just really tasty!


The chicken was amazing!! Will order more next paycheck. For some reason I can’t eat chicken that I cooked so being able to buy very good chicken is a great benefit. Thank you!!

Low Carb Bulgogi*
Erin Peretti
Really good!

Loved the bulgogi. Really tasty and a great calorie count.

Ropa Vieja
Stephanie R.

So good! Great flavor and portioned just right! One of our go to dishes.

My picky Toddler loves them

I bought these for myself but my 3 year old just couldn’t get enough. It has become one of our weekday staples.

Buffalo Chicken Salad
Kristina Howard

Generous portion of delicious Buffalo chicken. Fresh and perfect for summer.

Salmon alla Vodka
Joshua Nell
Delicious, quick and easy to eat

I really like the combination of flavors.

One of Our Favorites

Salmon is usually cooked just right and very tasty. We like that it comes with a vegetable and would prefer much less rice, although glad it's brown rice. This one is a keeper!

Basil Chicken

Very tasty except there were too many onions in the spinach orzo.