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Hoisin Glazed Salmon
stephen fowler

Fish was cooked perfect. Another winner from mighty meals. Will order again

Mediterranean POWER Bowl
Caroline Mercurio
Always part of my weekly order

I try to eat a lot of plant based meals, though I’m not vegetarian, and this is one of my favorites. It still has a good amount of protein and is reasonable on calories—two things that can be hard to find together in veg meals. It’s also just really tasty!


The chicken was amazing!! Will order more next paycheck. For some reason I can’t eat chicken that I cooked so being able to buy very good chicken is a great benefit. Thank you!!

Low Carb Bulgogi*
Erin Peretti
Really good!

Loved the bulgogi. Really tasty and a great calorie count.

Ropa Vieja
Stephanie R.

So good! Great flavor and portioned just right! One of our go to dishes.

My picky Toddler loves them

I bought these for myself but my 3 year old just couldn’t get enough. It has become one of our weekday staples.

Buffalo Chicken Salad
Kristina Howard

Generous portion of delicious Buffalo chicken. Fresh and perfect for summer.

Salmon alla Vodka
Joshua Nell
Delicious, quick and easy to eat

I really like the combination of flavors.

One of Our Favorites

Salmon is usually cooked just right and very tasty. We like that it comes with a vegetable and would prefer much less rice, although glad it's brown rice. This one is a keeper!

Basil Chicken

Very tasty except there were too many onions in the spinach orzo.

Great Salad

This salad was so GOOD! Usually salmon can be tricky on being cooked wrong or lacking flavor, but this was just perfect. The potatoes definitely made it that extra YUM!


Amazing home-cooked caliber comfort meal with high quality ingredients and great nutritional value. Will 100% be ordering this again!

Steak & Gains*
Mohammad Karimi
Very good, but could use some veggies

Nice piece of steak, not tough, and the mushrooms and onions are nice, but this meal could use a side of vegetables, something like carrots. I'd also think mash potatoes instead of rice would be nice. Overall, a great meal though!

Low Carb Bulgogi*
Vicki Dominick
A favorite!

I include this meal everytime I place an order because it is one of my favorites. The beef is tender and juicy and not too spicy. The brussel sprouts are always tasty and are a nice alternative to rice.

Salmon Nicoise Salad
Beatriz Casals
Very fresh

Salmon was excellent. The salad was fantastic.

Vegan Lasagna
Probably one of the best things ever!

This is my absolute favorite from mighty meals. I always have to order two because it is THAT good!

The best yet

Been awhile since I’ve ordered but they upgraded to whole chicken breast. Much more fresh and I don’t mind cutting myself.

Salmon alla Vodka
Armando De Araujo
Excellent Salmon

Excellent. Very tasty and a complete meal

BBQ Beef Mac
Jessica Outer

This meal is fantastic. It's cooked perfectly every single time. Just the right amount of comfort food and not go overboard. I order it almost every week! One of my favorites!

Delicious salad

Everything was fresh! The salad greens and veggies were nice and crisp, and the salmon was so moist and tasty! Loved the salad dressing too!

Chicken Cobb Salad

Both my husband and I tried this recipe and it was great. I had enough left over for the next day and it still tasted fresh a day later and was not soggy from the dressing.

One of our Favorites!

This is one of mine and my husband's favorite Mighty Meals. It almost feels like a cheat meal! Tasty and always a great portion.

Chicken Parm
David Hansen
Chicken Parm

Descent meal but I find the chicken breast a little larger. Would love to see small breast with addition of a vegetable.

Sweet Chili Chicken Soba
Heather McDonald

Flavorful and filling.

Chicken POWER Bowl
Ashley Tugwell
One of my favorite meals

The Chicken Power Bowl is one of my favorite meals from Mighty Meals. It's a ton of food too!!