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Good with any meal.

Think of mini omelets. They were quite good although being who I am they needed a dose of hot sauce to spice them up. I had them for breakfast mostly with some simple meat such as bacon and toast. I would recommend them for anyone who likes some eggs with their meal but not a huge amount. Enjoy!

Great addition to entrees!

If you need an extra boost of carbs to your entree this is the way to go! Fluffy and perfect!

Amazing way to “brunch” on a weekday

This is better than most restaurants!

Can’t believe the goodness

I cannot believe how good these mighty meals are. The meatball is perfectly cooked and has delicious flavor. The penne is al dente and amazing. If I hadn’t microwaved it myself I would never know it was microwaved. Amazing!


Absolutely delicious, my favorite so far.

Is it breakfast? Is it dinner?

Who cares, it was delicious! We ate it for dinner by the way - hahaha - and will be re-ordering it.


Flavorful, moist, and delicious. This will be a part of all my future orders.

I mean, it’s rice

This is good brown rice. Not sure what else to say.

Delish & Healthy Snack

I love how these are individual so you don’t have to eat them all at once. I was a little concerned about the macros at first but have been eating them here and there as a treat so they fit my macros. They are delicious!


Fresh and delicious. Already reordered!

I love it

the steak is cooked perfectly, and with all the ingredients make a great dish.
Congratulations to the chef!!

The fish was rather dry. All the rest great.

the best

Delicious super tasty dish highly recommend I love it


Love love love the lemon chicken.
Doesn’t taste very lemony more pepper. I never liked “ left over “ chicken this is always fresh like just made it! Try it you will love it!


These tacos are pretty good! The meat is well seasoned and beans and rice are a nice complement!


Lots of flavor, low cals, healthy and a good serving size. This is a good one!

Tandoori yum

My husband is obsessed with this one. We have to include it in every order lol. It tastes really good and the rice is so flavorful.


The Beef BBQ is so flavorful, very tender and yummy! Already ordered it again for next week!!!!


This was really good and I would order again. The seasoning was great.


Delicious and so nice to have a breakfast that would normally take extra time to make ready in just a few minutes!

Quality New Dish!

The whole dish was delicious. The chicken and vegetables were great, and surprisingly, the sauce heated up perfectly!


They were delicious!


These exceeded my expectation! I wasn’t sure how the eggs would turn out (reheating fried eggs?) and the steak seemed like it might be chewy but they were both great!!


Bold flavors, filling delish!

Tasty Medallions

The packaged slices were individually smaller than expected but the package was sized well and the meatloaf was tasty. Froze half for later.