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These are fantastic and easy to eat. Lots of flavor in every bite.

Great meal!

Very flavorful meal! Definitely in frequent rotation. Just be careful when heating the gravy because the plastic container can melt easily.

Definitely buy

Great addition to my morning breakfast rotation! Takes great and quick and easy to reheat

If all Vegan tasted like this!

This dish is just delish! Mexican food is the best and adding non meat meals is a bonus. I can make this last 2 lunches if I add in some extra veggies


I was concerned upon first glance that there was too much garlic. However, the potatoes are seasoned perfectly! This item will definitely be included in my future order.


Both the wings and the lime sauce were great. Highly recommend.

Good Flavor

Great flavor, love the veggie sides and sauce. The Mahi was dry and unflavorful. Would be better with more flavor in the fish itself.


The roasted chicken Florentine is delicious! A tasty mix of chicken & spinach! I loved every bite!


Pork was tender and juicy, was seasoned nicely and the corn was great. Will order again.


Delicious. Perfect addition for salads!

Sooooooo Good!!!!

Loved this one! Satisfying 🙂

So flavorful

So good - so flavorful. Even my 4 year old loves it!


Fresh, clean ingredients. Tastes SO good! The creamed spinach is amazing.


I dont know how you do it - eggs and steak cooked to perfection!!

Low carb breakfast

Really Good tasty except this version compared to a previous version had more spinach included


This is my favorite meal to date. It’s the one my husband and I order every week. The flavor is delicious.

Super Tasty & Filling

First time ordering mighty meals I decided to try the Thai Chicken Salad. It was my first mighty meal and I’m happy to say it was super tasty and everything I was hoping for.

Full of Flavor!

I was skeptical at first ordering this, but so glad I did, Chicken is amazing just the right seasonings, sauce is perfect, the green beans and basmati rice pair excellent. Definitely on my "Go To" list now.

So good

I love this pork pastoral. The meat is really tender and flavorful. The latin twist on this pork meal makes it really good. The serving is really large, so I didn't use all the rice just to go lower on carbs.

Great Dish

Really great dish - the sauce was excellent, the veggies were refreshing, and the chicken was tender. It's in my fridge for the second week in a row!

Excellent. Very tasteful

We liked it very much and will re-order


Quite nice


Great flavor!


Well seasoned. Definitely one of my favorite breakfast options!


Delicious moist chicken and sauce was tasty