Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why can’t I select Home Delivery?
A: If you do not have the 13 meal minimum for delivery in your cart, delivery will not be a check out option for you. Get 13 or more meals and delivery is FREE!

Q: How long do the meals stay fresh?
A: MightyMeals stay fresh for about a week, and can be frozen for up to a month. Of course we hope you order weekly to get the freshest meals possible, but they will still taste good if you must freeze them.

Q: When is my last chance to order for the week?
A: Orders close weekly on Thursdays at 11:59pm.

Q: Where do you deliver?
A: We currently deliver to Northern VA and DC Metro Area, if you have any questions regarding delivery to your home/office please feel free to contact us before ordering and we will get back to you very shortly!

Q: What time do you deliver?
A: We deliver meals Sundays between 9am-2pm. Driver will text you prior to delivery.

Q: What do I do if I’m not home between 9am-2pm?
A: See ‘Delivery & Pickup’ page

Q: Are you able to take special requests, substitutions or modifications to meals? 
A: Not at this time, but stay tuned!

Q: Do bulk proteins come seasoned?
A: Chicken is seasoned in Garlic & Herb FlavorGod, Steak is house steak seasoning, Salmon and Cod is seasoned with freshly chopped parsley and Garlic & Herb FlavorGod seasoning.